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Website Speed Optimization Service:
How You Will Benefit

Ensure you’re not deterring website users. Get your website engaging and converting users into customers. We’ll assist you to improve conversions whilst providing a positive ROI.


Reduced Bounce Rate

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Improved User Experience

Improve Your Website's Load Time

Case Study: Improving Website Speed

Below is an example of the website speed optimization service we have provided a long-time client

An Example of What We Can Achieve

Before Speed Optimization

In the image on the right, you can see that the load time is not bad – at around 3s TTI (time to interactive), it is already much faster than the global average of 10.3s and over a third lighter in size (global average of around 3mb!).

However, we, and the client, felt there was room for improvement.

website speed optimization before

After Website Speed Optimization

During this website speed optimization service, we did in fact provide the client with a complete website overhaul to improve loading times.

We investigated the possible avenues to reduce loading time of the site and redesigned the site around these findings.

We were able to reduce the page size by around 150kb and the load time by 1.6s. 

Since then, the bounce rate of the website in question has improved and dropped in the region of 5-10%.

Let's Improve Your Website's Speed

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How This Service Works

We’ll analyze your website in detail to pinpoint bottlenecks in loading time.

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What's Included in Our Website Speed Optimization Service?

You’ll receive a complete website optimization service which will not only benefit you but your users and customers too. We’ll conduct a free website audit, highlighting the main areas of improvement and what we predict your load time will be post optimization.

During the initial website audit, if we believe your website will require a complete overhaul to improve load time, this will be made clear to you. 

We aim for simple sites to load in around 1s, and complex, feature rich sites to load within 1-3 seconds. This website optimization service will include a post-service report, detailing the improvements made to your website.

Why a Fast Website Matters

Website speed is crucial for a good user experience. Long gone are the days where load times of 10+ seconds were acceptable. Users require fast, responsive sites that appear to have no delay.

A website optimized for speed will have higher engagement and conversion rates than a similar, but slow website. 

Also, speed is also thought to be an SEO ranking factor – If you are struggling to surpass your competition, perhaps a website overhaul and speed optimization will do the trick.

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