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The process of getting your new website

Here's an overview of the development to launch process.

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What's the process?

Here's a basic overview of how you can get started with a new website:

Step 1: Questionnaire

This provides me all the info I'll need to learn about your business, the functionality and features you require and the goals/results you wish to achieve with a website. Doing this first allows me to easily refer back to your answers during each stage of development.


Step 2: Scope & deliverables

I'll set out a project scope and deliverables and will plan out the entire development process. At this point, I'll give you an accurate final quote for development and we'll sign contracts (and NDAs if required)


Step 3: A quick call

(Optional) We can have a chat over the phone if you have any questions regarding my service or the process - This doesn't have to be the fourth step.. you can contact me whenever you need to.


Step 4: Wireframing

Before beginning the actual development, I'll design the structure and layout of your website as a wireframe. This is an important stage as it ensures your site will have a logical UI (user interface).


Step 5: Site development

At this stage, I'll begin developing your website - first the backend (hosting and server side things) and then the frontend (the visual side which you see on your browser).


Step 6: Content & SEO

I'll ensure that your website is completely optimized for the search engines (Google, Bing etc). I'll do final checks to ensure your initial idea is effectively communicated throughout the website and will also add in any written content at this point.


Step 7: Setting live

Your website will be set live and submitted for indexing in search engines.


Step 8: Maintenance & support

With your new site, you'll get 3 months free on my monthly maintenance and hosting package, which includes:

Basic ongoing SEO optimizations, fast hosting, unlimited design changes, complete website maintenance and priority support.

If you're running your own ads or conducting SEO yourself, I'll provide free consultation on your strategy.


Step 1: Questionnaire

I'll send you a questionnaire to learn about your business and understand your requirements in detail.

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