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These website Terms and Conditions are applicable to all users of Zenelk at www.zenelk.com. we aim to provide you with a clear and concise Terms & Conditions.

By using this website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions written here and in our Privacy Policy, regardless of the way in which you have accessed the website, or your location. You must not use this website if you disagree with any section of these terms.

You further agree that Zenelk will not be held liable for any damage or misfortune caused or alleged to be caused by the use of the Zenelk website &/or services, or any third party websites or services linked from our blog.

Intellectual property

Nothing in these terms grants you right or licence to use any trade mark, design right, copyright or information owned or controlled by Zenelk. You are provided limited licence for purposes of viewing the material contained on this website only. This includes, but is not limited to; the Zenelk logo displayed in the menu of the website, page content and blog content.


The images and information displayed on Zenelk are for viewing and informational purposes only. Zenelk does not claim ownership or credit to any image which is not copyright material owned or controlled by Zenelk. Zenelk strive to use copyright free imagery (for software and framework logos). However, where appropriate, credit is given to the copyright holder of images. No copyright infringement is intended. If however you are a copyright owner of an image displayed on Zenelk and wish for the image or information to be changed or removed, we will comply with your request.

Acceptable Use

You also agree to not test the system for vulnerability, breach security/authentication measures or disrupt the system with high loads.

You may not use any website scraper/spider or robot on our website unless written permission has been acknowledged by Zenelk.


When ordering a service from Zenelk, as the customer, you agree to these terms and conditions and acknowledge that we will send you a further terms and conditions relevant to your order. We cannot begin working on your order until the terms and conditions sent to you has been read, signed and returned.


Zenelk currently utilize Paypal, stripe and in rare cases, cryptocurrency, for payments. We do not store any payment information in our database – only customer names and email addresses are stored for the purpose of fulfilling orders, but again, these are not stored in our website database.

The majority of our services require an upfront payment.

Once you have paid for your order, signed and returned the relevant project terms and conditions, we will begin working on your order.

Many of our services also require monthly payments. we will setup a recurring invoice which is payable within 5 working days from the date sent each month.

If any payment issues or problems with your order arise, you, or we, are able to rectify the issue through the Stripe or Paypal platforms.

More information on payments for each service is provided in separate service terms and conditions documents.


If we have not yet begun working on your order, you can request a full refund by contacting us.

We do not offer any refunds once we have begun any work on your order.

You may cancel a service which you are paying for monthly at any time.


Our one-off website packages include free, fast hosting, capped at 45,000 unique users per month and valid for 1 year from the time your site is set live.

If/when your website traffic approaches 45,000 unique monthly users or the 1 year hosting contract, we will provide you with upgrade options or assist you in moving your site to other hosting you desire. If you do not wish to upgrade, we can keep your website on the same hosting account, however there will be a monthly fee (price will vary depending on your website traffic). More information on these hosting terms is provided when you contact us regarding our services.


Zenelk are not liable for any damage or misfortune caused or alleged to be caused from the use of our services. we provide no claim or warranty that; 1. our service meets your requirements. 2. Your website remains error free for life and 3. If errors do occur, we cannot provide guarantee that they are covered by our 1 year free support. However we aim to provide a top quality service that meets all of your expectations which ideally has no errors.

Governing Law

These terms will be governed by English law. Users which access the website from another country may have laws which require their country's laws to be used, if necessary.


From time to time, we may update these terms and conditions.

Contact & Complaints

For any queries or complaints regarding anything on this website which you are unsure about or require help with, please email info@zenelk.com and we will endeavour to respond at our earliest opportunity.

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