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Bespoke estate agent & real estate website design
Built to impress, engage and perform 

Bespoke Design

We'll design a completely bespoke website for your agency which will reflect your brand values & identity

Customer Focused

Your site will be designed with your end client in mind to ensure optimum user engagement

Best Practices

Your site will be developed using best practices for SEO and software integration

Responsive design built to climb the ranks

With ever increasing use of mobile devices and tablets, a responsive agency website is no longer simply a luxury. Websites which adapt to screen sizes are given priority in search engines, therefore every estate agent website we develop will be mobile responsive as standard.


Software integration and compatibility

We understand that as an estate agent you will be using software for lead generation, property uploads, viewings and much more.

Regardless of your current setup, your estate agent website will seamlessly integrate with your current software, meaning that you won’t have to make any changes to your technological working environment.

You also don’t need to worry about losing any current data – when developing your new agency website, we’ll transfer all data from your existing database.

estate agent website design service

Contact and Lead Generation forms

One of the key elements of any business is lead generation and gathering customer & client contact information.

Your estate agent website will include the perfect balance of contact and lead generation forms enabling you to develop and grow your customer base and online presence.

Optimized for SEO

Our team at ZenElk have a wealth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and experience. We will ensure that your site is built to the highest quality and includes the latest best practices to provide you the strongest chance of high search engine rankings.

Included in SEO best practices is the factor of website speed – your site will be thoroughly optimized for high speed, meaning an increased user engagement which will lead to improved search engine rankings.

Ongoing support & Maintenance

Once your new website is complete and live, we won’t forget about you!

All of our website development packages include complimentary support for 1 year – meaning if you have any techy problems, we’ll be on hand to sort out the issues.

Along with this, we will ensure that your database and hosting software are kept up to date.

Features & Addons

For estate agent website designs

Do you have a special feature in mind for your site which is not listed here? If so, do let us know and we can include this in the development of your new estate agent website.

SEO Package

Ajax Search

On-Map Search

Email Alerts

Payment Integration

User & Admin Login

Free Hosting


Bespoke & affordable website design for estate agents & realtors

We’re more than happy to discuss any queries or requirements you may have before moving forward. We aim to respond within 24 hours, any day of the week. 

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