Affordable Digital Marketing

Affordable Digital Marketing –
Generating Leads and Driving Sales

Affordable Digital Marketing
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Get a results-driven, full service and affordable digital marketing service. With vast experience in digital marketing, we’ll assist you to realize your business goals by reaching sales targets, increasing conversions and providing a positive ROI.

Reach Your Target Market

Grow & Scale Your Business

Optimized Targeting

All Budgets Catered For

Generate New Leads

Fully Managed Account

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Digital Marketing Pricing

Setup - £105

Full account and multiple ads setup with optimized customer targeting and conversion tracking. A one-time setup fee

Account Management - POA

Expert management and continuous optimization of ads. A rolling monthly contract

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Affordable PPC Management

At Zenelk, we pride ourselves on the level of quality that clients receive. The affordable digital marketing service we provide is no exception to this, combining experience and data for optimal results.

Whether you require a short or long term marketing strategy, with our expertise & affordable digital marketing service, you will receive a top quality service that aligns with your business goals, allowing you to thrive online.

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Affordable Digital Marketing Service: FAQs

What is PPC Management?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a digital marketing strategy adopted by a large majority of businesses. In the basic sense, a business owner, or individual, creates an advertisement for their product or service and targets a specific demographic with the hope they click and convert to a lead or sale.

PPC Management is the process of managing a business owner (or individuals) advertising account. Optimizing a PPC/digital marketing campaign can be challenging – which is why many businesses outsource the work to experienced professionals who (ensure ads are all…)will continually track and optimize the campaign.

How our PPC Digital Marketing Service Works

To start, we’ll send you a questionnaire to understand your marketing objectives and budget in detail.

We’ll then open an advertising account for your business/website and setup the initial advertisements, customer targeting and conversion tracking. 

Moving forward, we’ll continually track your ads performance and using our experience in PPC, will optimize all ads and targeting where appropriate. 

Why Invest in an Affordable Digital Marketing Service

We can help you reach and grow your customer base by increasing your online presence through optimized advertising and conversion tracking with our affordable digital marketing service.

Our PPC  are experienced in all major advertising platforms and can cater for all budget sizes., efficient and effective use of resource, time money.

Through optimization of targeting and bids, we will ensure that only your target market see your ads, meaning a reduction in CPC and CPA.

Have any queries? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your advertising goals.

What is Full Service Digital Marketing?

Full service digital marketing is where a company, such as ourselves, are employed to cover all aspects of a businesses online marketing. 

Our affordable full service digital marketing service covers everything from website development to SEO and content writing to PPC. We’ll combine every possible marketing strategy to provide you a solid ROI and growth, allowing your business to thrive online.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how our full service solution can benefit your business.. and you’ll receive a considerable discount!

How Digital Marketing Works

We’ll create an engaging ad copy that provokes interest

Targeted users will see the ad & click through if interested

User views landing page and converts to customer, providing ROI

Platforms We Cover







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