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For Only £50 Upfront

Getting a bespoke website can be expensive. That’s why we’ve started this monthly payment option.

Modernizing and increasing your online presence doesn’t need to be hindered by cost – Get your business online and start generating growth for a fraction of a one-off priced website.

Don't Get Abandoned
In The Past

There is an ever increasing importance in a streamlined online presence.

Your new website will gear you toward success allowing you to expand and thrive online. It is our mission to improve your bottom line.

Website Design + Optimization
& Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of an online business. 

Your website will be optimized for speed & user engagement and includes a solid SEO foundation and ad account setup – all contributing to an efficient marketing strategy, driving growth and conversions.

Zenelk – Where Design & Performance Intertwine

Affordable Web Design to Grow and Scale Your Business

Pay a monthly fee for a robust website, regular maintenance, full site backups and free updates for a fraction of a one-off price

Web Design: Basic

Ideal For Personal Blogs & Small Local Business Sites

£40 p/m

  • Free Domain
  • Hosting
  • Updates & Maintenance
  • Regular Backups
  • Up to 6 pages
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • SSL Certificate
  • On-Page SEO

Web Design: Silver

A High Performance Site to Advertise Services/Products

£70 p/m

  • Free Domain
  • Hosting
  • Updates & Maintenance
  • Regular Backups
  • Up to 20 pages
  • 7 Email Accounts
  • SSL Certificate
  • On-Page SEO
  • Blog/News Pages
  • Custom CMS w/ Admin Login

Web Design: Gold

The Ultimate Package to Sell Products/Services Online

£84 p/m

  • Free Domain
  • Hosting
  • Updates & Maintenance
  • Regular Backups
  • Up to 20 pages
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • SSL Certificate
  • On-Page SEO
  • Blog/News Pages
  • Custom CMS w/ Admin Login
  • Customer Login & Dashboard
  • Unlimited Product Pages
  • Off-Site Payments

What Our Cheap Web Design Service Covers

Even with these super low prices, you won’t be missing out on any features or performance with your new site compared to our one-off priced websites.

Our cheap website design service covers absolutely everything you need to get up and running with new site or with an overhaul of a current site.

From the domain name to hosting and SEO to user engagement, we’ll ensure your site functions to provide you the optimal competitiveness online.

Affordable Web Design Service: How It Works

It’s a simple process to get your own affordable website – Fill in the form below and we’ll send you a questionnaire to understand your requirements in more detail.

Once we understand your requirements, we’ll then invoice you for £50 to start development. We aim to complete this all within 1 week.

You can then review the site and request any changes. We’ll then set the site live and request search engines to index your site.

Moving forward, the monthly fee will cover complete maintenance and regular updates and backups. It also covers content updates/changes and tweaks to the design where required.

Get started now with an affordable website to increase your competitiveness the efficient, affordable way.

Affordable Web Design Service:
How You Will Benefit

Whether you are a startup or established business, we will continually assist you to thrive and grow in the online space.

Performance & Quality

Your website will be developed to high industry standards including, but not limited to;

  • SEO Optimization
  • Schema Markup
  • Mobile Responsive Pages
  • Fast Loading
  • Fast, High Quality Hosting

Bespoke Design & UX

You will receive a completely custom website including unlimited revisions and a CMS.

Your website will be designed around scalability, engaging and logical UX to retain and convert.

We’ll also setup pixels for tracking and conversions, providing an insight into your sites user behaviour.

Value & Long Term Growth

We’ll help you take advantage of every marketing strategy for your venture, ensuring your business remains competitive and is geared for sustainable online growth.

We understand a website alone does not provide results, which is why we provide a full-service solution, providing you a great ROI.

Stress-Free Setup & Maintenance

You can carry on business as usual – we’ll set up everything for your website, providing a stress-free, slick process.

You’ll also receive complimentary ongoing CMS support & maintenance at no extra cost.

We’ll also setup tracking and conversion pixels & tags to give you an insight into your customer behaviour – we can also assist you with analyzing this data for free.

Free Mockup Offer

Get a free mockup of your website delivered within 7 days, with no obligations! Chat live to request your free mockup.

Some Examples of Our Work


SupercarShack is a listing directory for supercars from around the globe. The site is in infancy, however was built with a very strong on-site SEO foundation. 

The site has a custom dashboard to import / export listings quickly and efficiently.

It was also built to out-pace competitors – with a loading time of around 1.5s (in the UK), it is much faster than the commanding sites in it’s niche.



CPU LTD is a simple site for the client to use as a landing page for potential customers.

The homepage background has a cool animated floating particle background.

The loading time is fast, at around 1s (from the UK)

EMC2 Property

EMC2 Property was one of our first projects. We’re currently discussing new features to develop. We’ve worked with this client increasing their organic rankings and have generated a number of position 1 and page 1 rankings in Google.

The site has a custom admin dashboard, custom user login and dashboard and also provides users the ability to upload their own property listings.


Herbal Bubble

We recently provided a complete overhaul for this client. The previous design was outdated and lacking in performance.

We brought the site loading time down to around 1.2s and made the appearance much more user-friendly. 

We’re currently building some new features and providing SEO services to this client.


This site is undergoing development.

The main feature compromises of a custom booking form which will display available dates and times to book driving lessons – this will reduce the back-end admin time of the instructors.



Unaleo is our most recent new startup project. 

The site encompasses a simple, clean design and includes filterable search results with ajax loading.

The main aim of the site is to provide service providers in the property industry with a free advertising platform to promote their services.

Users have the ability to create an account and can add/edit their own listings from within a custom dashboard.

Get Your Brand New, Affordable Website
For Only £50 Upfront

Cheap Web Design Solutions

For the substantial value you will receive, our cheap web design service is a no-brainer – Everything you need to remain competitive at a fraction of the cost of a pre-priced website.

Have Your Affordable Website Live Within 1 week

With experience comes efficiency – By ordering our affordable website design service, you’ll receive a completely bespoke and fast website which is highly optimized for SEO, growth and automation all within only 1 week.

Project Overview

  • 1) You fill in a contact form
  • 2) We send a questionnaire to understand your requirements
  • 3) You receive a free mockup & project proposal including features and estimated timeline
  • 4) We begin developing your website
  • 5) You confirm the appearance and features of your website
  • 6) Your website is set live and indexed in search engines
  • 7) We remain in contact, providing support, updates & maintenance
affordable web design mockup

Mobile App Concept

Get Started

We’ll send you a questionnaire to understand your requirements in full detail before requiring the £50 upfront fee to start development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question to expand the answer

No matter how big or how small – every website from this service costs only £50 upfront. Depending on the features and size of the website, the lease price per month will vary from £40 to £90.

Our cheap website design service is similar to our one-off payment web design service in terms of the process.

This is how our cheap web design service process works:

  • You request a questionnaire using the form above, which provides us valuable information regarding your requirements and expectations.
  • We’ll require an initial payment of only £50 to begin working on your website. We’ll purchase your domain name and setup all accounts etc. At any stage, you can request amendments to the design/layout.
  • Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll setup analytics, tracking & conversion pixels, integrate with social media and submit your site for indexing on the search engines.
  • Once your site is live, we’ll require a monthly fee to cover hosting, maintenance, updates and regular backups of your site. The monthly fee also covers small design tweaks/edits.

With this cheap website design service which we offer, you own the copyrights to your branding, however this service is able to exist due to the nature of the payment plan – we’ll host the site and conduct all required maintenance, backups and updates at regular intervals, while you conduct your business through the site. 

Due to the low monthly fee, we will be the legal owners of the website database and code, however we do offer the option to purchase the entire code and database from us at anytime.

There is no limit to the number or types of extra features you can request to be included in your website. 

As standard, you will receive a mobile responsive website, including hosting, speed & SEO optimization, contact/lead generation forms, email accounts, pixel & tracking integration along with ongoing support.

We can integrate any other features or software that you require into the development process, such as customer reviews, custom login areas & software integration. The possibilities are endless.

Yes, your website will work perfectly on mobile/tablet.

From fonts to margins, everything will scale depending on the screen size of the user.

Depending on the monthly plan you choose, you will have between 5-10 email accounts. However, you can request more if required! 

Your accounts will also be related to your domain, i.e. [email protected]

Content wise (blogs, articles, products etc), you will have an easy to use content management system with your own login in order for you to add new content or update existing content.

We can also do this on your behalf, or teach you how to use the CMS if required – however it is self-explanatory and straightforward to use.

We aim for all orders of our affordable website service to be live within 1 week. We will keep you informed if we encounter any roadblocks which may delay the completion date – however it is unlikely this will occur. 

Yes, your website will be built with only the necessary features to avoid unnecessary performance loss, leading to fast loading times.

Once we complete the development process, we’ll backup your website. 

Moving forward, we will perform backups on a regular basis and whenever you update a large amount of content/products.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we’ll require £50 upfront to begin working on your website, which will be invoiced to you. 

Moving forward, to keep your website live, receive regular maintenance, software updates and backups and design tweaks, we have a monthly fee, which value is determined by the features of your website, as specified in the pricing tables above.

The monthly fee price is dependent on the affordable website design service package you choose – however all 3 packages monthly fees cover:

  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Design changes
  • 9-5 Technical support

Yes, we can include any number of copyright-free imagery on your website. 

If you have any of your own images you would like used in the design, we can certainly include them.

You may have noticed we include on page SEO optimization with each website build, but what does SEO mean?

Basically, website traffic comes in 3 forms – Organic, Paid or Referral. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your websites organic reach in search engines – in the most basic sense, it is the process of having a logical & well-structured, informative website that benefits users – these factors, among many others will help your website to rank on page 1 of Google (where the majority of clicks/organic traffic comes from).

The benefit of having a well optimized site for SEO is that organic search engine traffic is free, unlike paying for ads.

An In-Depth Look at our Cheap Web Design Service

We’ve included this section to provide you an in-depth look at what our web design service provides – most is displayed above in a visual format, but some may prefer to read through a few paragraphs.

Why Modern Website Design is Essential For All Business Sizes

It is estimated that around 63% of all consumers search and purchase online. 

Not having a website at all means you’re losing out on 3/5ths of potential sales – a figure which cannot be dismissed. 

You may be thinking, “I have a website, so my business is fine” – true, you’ll be taking advantage of some of this online traffic – but ask yourself, is your website as optimized to it’s highest possible ability? 

If your website has a mediocre design, isn’t as fast as your competitors, doesn’t have user-flow setup, isn’t optimized for mobile use or is hard to navigate, you’ll be losing out on significant sales/customers, most likely to your competitors.

In present times, users expect business websites to meet a certain threshold, including  fast, responsive and easy to navigate design.

If you require your first website or an overhaul to a current website, we’ll provide you with a completely optimized, modern website which will generate sustainable growth and an increased online presence.

Affordable Web Development Service: The Full Process

To begin a new web design project, you’ll first need to fill in the form above to request the cheap web design service. 

From here, we’ll be in contact with a questionnaire to understand your requirements in more detail and a contract for services. You may also send us a NDA if required.

Once we understand your full requirements, we’ll require a payment of £50 to begin the development stages – we’ll invoice this to you.

*At any stage, you can request amendments to the design!*

When you are satisfied with the end result of your new website, we’ll set your site live and submit it to search engines for indexing.

What's Included in Your Website

Your new website will include the following as standard – (some features may not be relevant for your requirements and thus won’t be included in your website to reduce code bloat):

  • Free domain name
  • Free fast hosting
  • Mobile responsive pages
  • Advertising landing pages
  • Contact forms
  • Lead generation forms
  • User behaviour tracking
  • On-site SEO structure
  • Organic rankings tracking
  • Advertising account setup & optimization 
  • Content management system & admin login
  • User accounts & custom dashboards
  • Email accounts
  • Schema markup (where applicable)
  • Logo (if required)
  • Social media account integration
  • Backup capability

If there are any other features which you require, we can add these in – whatever your web design requirements are, we’ll meet and exceed your expectations with the full package website development service we provide.

The Benefits of The Cheap Web Design Service We Provide

You won’t receive just a standard website when working with us. Listed below are the key benefits our web design service will provide you.

1) More than a simple "out of the box" template

We don’t just set you up with a pre-made template. Your website will be custom made to suit your exact requirements, thus keeping code bloat at a minimum and in turn providing maximum performance.

As we provide maintenance, software updates, backups and more as part of the affordable website design service, you can continue business as usual and not worry about any of the technical side.

Your affordable website will also be built for optimum performance, which will prove beneficial in terms of user engagement and conversion rates. We also include fast website hosting with every new website.

2) Modern, Affordable Web Design

In the present day, an outdated website will not suffice if you plan on your business becoming/remaining successful. Your website will be completely bespoke and designed to a high standard to build trust and encourage user engagement.

Our affordable web design service is the most efficient way to modernize your businesses online presence.

3) Full Website Design + Optimization and Marketing

As marketing is one of the key elements of a successful online business, we include extensive on-site SEO optimization and a full advertising account setup with refined customer targeting, in order to provide sustainable, long-term growth.

4) An Affordable Solution For SMBs

We understand that bootstrapping a new venture can be difficult, which is why we’re offering this affordable website design service.

With this affordable web development service, you won’t need to find £1000s upfront for your new website (or redesign of a current site) – our low cost monthly fee provides an extremely valuable solution to help your business thrive – concentrate on core business matters, while we take care of everything technical, including regular backups, maintenance, SEO and software updates.

Why We Include Free Marketing with the Design of Your Website

A modern and fast website accompanied by a strong SEO strategy and refined digital advertising goals will give you the best possible chance for success.

We don’t just want to build you a website, we want to assist you to succeed and thrive in your industry.

Why We Are Offering a Cheap Web Design Service

Starting and running a business in the modern day can be challenging and the last thing you want is to deter customers with a negative online experience.

Finances of small-medium businesses can also be tight at times, which is the core focus of this cheap website design solution. 

We love to see businesses thrive, it is therefore our mission to assist you to grow and develop your business in the online space.

As you are effectively leasing the website from us, you don’t have to worry about anything technical – we’ll conduct continual maintenance, backups and more, so that you can focus on core business matters.

After Your Website's Development is Complete..

Once the development of your website is complete, we won’t just forget about you. 

We hope to form a strong working relationship, providing you with free ongoing support and maintenance to assist you in growing your business.

Along with this, we offer a discounted rate on ongoing services such as SEO and digital marketing/advertising – see below.

Discounted SEO and Digital Advertising

Along with the affordable website development service on offer, we are also taking on new clients at discounted rates for SEO and digital marketing (PPC).

Chat with us live to discuss a discounted rate for an all-in-one website, SEO and digital marketing package.

Let's Work Towards Your Online Goals

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