About Us

Helping businesses small & large to grow and develop their online presence with modern solutions and affordable prices

Who We Are

ZenElk Digital is a new,  ambitious and modern digital agency founded in 2019 consisting of a small team of experienced developers, writers and digital marketers, based in the UK.

We specialize in web design & development, advertising & marketing and search engine optimization

Why We Started

We understand the stresses and concerns you may have of starting or scaling a business – the design, launch or update of a website does not need to be a part of this stress.

With our experienced designers and marketers, you are in safe hands. Expanding in the online space is our specialty and we’re here to help you grow and develop your business. 

Our aim is to assist individuals and businesses to thrive online through the use of modern, engaging and affordable websites accompanied by other digital marketing, advertising and search engine optimization services.

What We Do

We provide a high quality, reliable and affordable service for everyone; whether you are a blogger, startup founder, established business owner or online store owner, we have you covered, with plans to suit every requirement, including;


We understand that the process of developing an online presence does not simply go on autopilot after website launch, which is why we offer basic and full support for a whole year with our website design packages, at no extra cost. 

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