Hello, I’m Gareth,

– a freelance web developer, currently based in Mid Wales.
The section below highlights how I work and what I can do for you and your business.

A bit about me

I obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Liverpool. I’ve since transitioned to utilizing my digital skillset, assisting businesses to gain a foothold in the online world.

In my spare time, I’ll be found outdoors mountainbiking.. well, most likely I won’t be riding, but fixing and maintaining my bike – a different component seems to break every other week!

How I work

I currently make a living working from a home office, developing fast and modern websites along with providing my expertise in SEO and paid marketing to businesses.

I’ve become really finicky with the performance of websites I develop – I’m a self taught web developer – I started off with basic page-builders, however they don’t provide the level of performance I aim for today with custom coded sites. I’m now improving my ability in modern frameworks – currently React.js

I take pride in the value of the service I provide – I understand how to utilize all aspects of website development and marketing to generate a social presence that helps you build and grow your business.

If we work together..

I’ll provide you a friendly, valuable service and I’ll be with you from day 1, providing support and assistance for your digital needs to help you become successful online.

You’ll get the quality and performance of a large international agency but at a much more affordable price.

Why “Zenelk”?

Common names for domains are all taken, so I thought of a random word that describes my way of working;

Zen = Calm and relaxed

Elk = Strong and lean

– When I develop you a website, I’ll go about it in a planned and constructed way, producing an end result which is lean, fast, capable and aesthetic.

My skillset

Search engine optimization
Google, Facebook, and Bing ads
Website analytics
Conversion tracking


From Monday to Friday, I’m usually at my desk from 8am to 11pm (don’t worry, I take breaks!). I’m also available on the weekends but at intermittent times.

I work independently, meaning there’s no middle man – this keeps prices low for you and makes every task slick and faster to complete.

My rate ranges from £25 /hour for simple projects to £40 /hour for complex projects.


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View my work

My areas of expertise



Engage and retain your customers with a fast, mobile responsive, modern website



Reach your target audience, drive traffic and grow with data-driven solutions



Climb the ranks of search engines with the latest strategies and techniques



Get a faster loading website and improvements in SEO metrics



I’ll improve your current PPC strategy to lower your CPA & CPC



Thorough, unique content that resonates with your customers

Connect With My Business

I’m not that active on social media, but if you want to follow my business, here’s where you can find me –

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